5 Kitchen Redesign Tips You Need To Know About

5 Kitchen Redesign Tips You Need To Know About

Taking on a kitchen redesign project requires a lot of time, planning, and money.

It’s a smart investment for homeowners as it can significantly boost your home’s value, as well as improve your life. Before you start your redesign, read our advice. 

Here are five kitchen design tips you need to know before making a move. 

1. Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets 

A complete renovation for your kitchen cabinets, replacing your old ones for new ones, is one of the most expensive redesign projects to undertake.

However, if you’re working within a budget and are looking to cut corners without sacrificing style, consider having your cabinets refaced instead. It is a more cost-effective option and takes less time. 

Refacing kitchen cabinets, rather than full-on replacement, is a good option if your shelves and the cabinets are in good shape.

You can pick from hundreds of different cabinet and drawer designs to give your kitchen a whole new look.

Refacing a set of kitchen cabinets will take, on average, about two to four day, depending on the size of your kitchen and who is installing them. 

2. Upgrade Your Appliances 

While you’re redesigning your kitchen, this is the best time to pick out new appliances.

If you didn’t buy all of your appliances at the same time, or some pieces came with your house, your kitchen might not match.

Considering they are just about the most important parts of your kitchen, you’ll want to put a lot of thought into the type and style you go for. 

Make sure to take measurements of everything and know what type of hook-ups you need. 

3. Not Enough Space? Make More 

No one likes a cramped kitchen. If your kitchen is packed tight and the counters are lined with appliances and storage containers, it’s time to update your space and make more room. 

If you have wall space, use it! Open shelves are a useful and stylish feature of many modern kitchens that can help you get more counter space with still keeping everything within an arm’s reach.

If you have extra cabinets (or room for more), convert them into a pull-out prep station

4. Repaint 

It’s pretty easy for the walls in your kitchen to get stained. No matter how hard your scrub, some stains just don’t come out.

Instead of trying to rub away food flecks on the walls or ceiling, consider repainting. 

If the walls in your kitchen are white, or another very light color, stains will be pretty obvious.

Consider repainting with a type of paint that is easy to clean and resists stains. You could also opt for a darker color like navy blue or wine red.

5. Everything, and the Kitchen Sink 

Don’t forget about the sink. Modern homes favor farmhouse style sinks, which feature a deep basin and exposed front. However, redesigning your kitchen isn’t all about the aesthetics. 

When you update your sink, test your water pressure. If it is not performing as it should, look into well pressure tanks. A professional can help you determine your needs in this area. 

Kitchen Redesign Tips for You 

If you’re drawing up plans for a kitchen redesign, keep these 6 tips in mind. When you’re on a budget, options such as refacing your cabinets, rather than replacing them, is the better choice.

Also, use this time to make sure everything in your kitchen is in working order. 

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