5 Unique Kitchen Appliances You Need For Your Renovations

5 Unique Kitchen Appliances You Need For Your Renovations

Changing up the appliances in your kitchen can make a dramatic difference. Nearly 70 percent of homebuyers said that they would pay extra for new kitchen appliances in a home

Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, a kitchen remodel can spruce up the aesthetic of your home. With so many renovation options available, you may have a hard time making a decision. 

If you need remodeling advice, look no further. Keep reading for five unique kitchen appliances that you need for your kitchen renovations. 

Magnetic Kitchen Appliances

Most incredible kitchens look amazing because of the small details. A good kitchen renovation should be all about simple additions that are practical and sightly.

Try using magnets to turn your utensil storage from drab to fab. 

Using magnetic strips to hang knives is a fairly common storage option. Try gluing small (but powerful) magnets to other utensils such as ladles, spoons, and spatulas to hang those as well. 

Another clever use of magnets is storing your spices with them. Keep your spices in uniform, clear jars, and put them on display on a magnetic board. 

Wood-Burning Stove

One of the most unique kitchen appliances you can have is a wood-burning stove. These 16th-century appliances got a modern update and can now give your kitchen a distinguished, vintage aesthetic. 

Not only are they better for the environment, but they also cost less to run than a modern electric stove. Cooking with one takes practice and patience, but the look combined with the reward of making food without electricity is worth it.

Incognito Fridge Drawers

A big part of kitchen remodeling is utilizing the space you already have. Storage can be a big issue, especially if you have a smaller kitchen or a big family to cook for. 

If you find yourself playing Tetris when storing leftovers, you likely need more fridge space. However, there’s only so much room in one kitchen.

Consider installing refrigerated drawers in place of unused cabinets to expand your fridge space. There will be no limit to how many leftovers you save, and you can make them as obvious or as undercover as you’d like.

Wall-Mounted Dish Drainer

Nothing’s worse than a soaked countertop after you’ve finished doing dishes. Or worse, your dishwasher never gets them fully dry. 

Mount a porous dish drainer above your sink to avoid mess and save space. This way, you can hand wash dishes without the hassle of drying, and you don’t have to sacrifice counter space.

Folding Tables

Having a table in the kitchen is great for extra cooking space, displaying food for events, or keeping the ‘chef’ company while they cook. However, it’s not always convenient to have a table taking up so much space. 

Consider a folding table that recedes into the wall. You can keep it stored while you cook, but utilize it to set up a buffet-style staging area for your meals. 

Whatever you use it for, the best feature is how it works when you aren’t using it. 

Get Cooking

These unique kitchen appliances will be the hit of your latest remodel. Now it’s time to put on your designer cap and utilize them in your home!

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