6 Types of Small Kitchen Islands & Carts on Wheels

Discover 6 types of small kitchen islands on wheels. Yes, there are many different styles offering various features and functionality. Learn it all here.

A few years ago, my wife and I were looking for a new place.  For months, nothing came up that was worth looking.  Then, one day, a beautiful two-story home with a custom wood design was listed.  Better yet, it was in our price range.

We immediately arranged to look at it.

I’ll never forget the first time I entered the main living space.  It was big, open, has a vaulted ceiling and a kitchen island to die for.  In fact, 90{d604c6372347dc64bc667d15628d2aab99258e15e227279a684dc19638b88075} of the working counter space is the island.  We took place immediately and love it to this day.

However, we’ve lived in places with kitchens with no island.  Our solution in those kitchens was to buy a small kitchen island on wheels.  It proved enormously useful in every kitchen… and we continue to use it to this day even though we have a large kitchen island.  Now it’s used as a dining area side table, which is another terrific use for small, portable kitchen islands.

If you don’t have an island and haven’t invested in a freestanding kitchen island, it’s worth considering.  They’re always useful no matter what size of kitchen or layout you have.

Wheels or no wheels?

This is a key question.  We chose a small butcher block kitchen island with wheels so we could move it around, which has proved very useful.  However, if you have one definite space, it’s better to get one without wheels because I think they look better and it won’t get jostled around your kitchen.

Types of mobile kitchen islands on wheels

Please note that our aim here is not to provide an exhaustive list of such kitchen islands, but instead to set out a short list of the different types.

1.  Square Butcher Block on Wheels with Shelving (by Catskill Craftsmen)

This is much like the butcher block we have.  It’s always been a terrific item in our kitchen and now our dining area as a side table.

Size:  2.5″ thick wood block on top.

Height:  36″ / Width: 30″ / Depth: 20″

This portable butcher block has four 3″ caster wheels which makes it easy to move around – whether in your kitchen or to the dining area as a side table.  Fortunately, the wheels lock so it can remain in place.

It also includes 2 shelves for additional storage (a key advantage of any island).

Made from North American hardwood.

2.  Kitchen Island and Cabinet on Wheels with Granite Top (by Crosley)

Style is the name of the game here.  Moreover, this dark design will fit well in a white kitchen or light wood kitchen because it creates a fabulous contrast.  Of course, it works in a kitchen with dark cabinets as well.

With a narrow, long design (W: 52″ / H: 36″ / D: 18″), it will fit most kitchens, yet offers a decent amount of work space on top.  Since the top is granite, it offers the functionality of any granite countertop.

3.  Portable Kitchen Cabinet with Wood Leaf & Stainless Steel Top (by Home Styles)

This is a true work station movable island.  It’s loaded with storage and a large stainless steel surface with wood cutting board leaf that increases the workspace significantly.

Moreover, the top includes a stainless steel rim to prevent spilling.

Spice/condiment racks on one side offer convenient storage of your favorite sauces and spices within easy reach while prepping food.  The side includes a paper towel (or rag) holder… which is always nice to have within arms’ reach while cooking.

4.  Portable Kitchen Island and Dining Table with Stools (by 4D Concepts)

This is not something most people consider (or even know exists) when looking to buy a portable kitchen island.

This is a hybrid concept combining the kitchen island concept with a portable in-kitchen dining table.  You could certainly use it as a work station, but once your meal is prepared, it serves as a small dining table for two people.

With 3 open shelves, it offers easy-access storage.

Because it’s a dining table, it’s not a stand-alone chopping block – just be sure to use a cutting board on top.

Like the other islands featured in this gallery, it’s small and will fit most kitchens (W: 37.8″ / H: 35.4″ / D: 27.5″).

5.  Hybrid Closed and Open Storage Kitchen Cart on Wheels (by InRoom Designs)

This option is similar to the one above (albeit a tad smaller), except instead of storage for garbage, the closed storage area is a typical cupboard with one adjustable shelf.  The drawer on top offers easy access to utensils you may need while using this storage/workspace.

This is a particularly small kitchen island, which may be perfect for exceptionally small kitchen spaces.  It measures a width of 28″, the height of 32″ and a depth of 14″.

The open shelving offers additional storage that’s easy to access.

The surface material is marble laminate.

6.  Rectangle Butcher Block Style Kitchen Cart with Shelving and Drawers (by Crosley)

This is a hybrid butcher block/kitchen cart.

It’s rectangle shape offers more surface area than the typical square butcher block.  It also includes drawers, two sturdy shelves and towel racks on each side.

It’s rustic wood design fits in many kitchen designs including white and wood-tone kitchens.

The solid wood surface makes it ideal as a large chopping block and food prep surface.  Moreover, this cart measures 38.75″ in height, which is 2.75″ higher than the standard 36″, which makes it a comfortable work station (especially for taller people).

This is one of the larger featured kitchen islands on this page measuring a width of 42″ / height of 38.75″ / depth of 18.25″.