A Know-How on Using Garden Pots for Great Results

A Know-How on Using Garden Pots for Great Results

Gardens pots are perfect if you wish to add a new dimension to your garden area. These pots are available in various colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. If your garden has a very flat landscape, you can use garden pots to add some height to the same.

Garden pots can also be used to grow various plants that are otherwise hard to grow in a specific climate. You can move the plants from sunlight to shade or cover them using the garden quilt for temperature control.

Garden pots can also be used to cover a dull corner in your garden. Anyone can make the best out of the garden space available using these pots. All you need to do is to stick to the guidelines mentioned below.

Gather the materials needed

Depending upon the type and size of plants select your garden pot. These pots have to be wide and large enough to hold the plants you wish to use. Make sure the pot has drainage holes.

The next material you need is the soil or the growing medium. You can use potting compost, which is available easily at your gardening supplies stores. If you are a seasoned gardener, you can even make your own potting mix.

You can also use a water-retaining gel as an option. The gel is often used in small garden pots or baskets to prevent the soil from drying quickly.

Gardeners also use pebbles or small rocks to decorate the pots or to use them at the bottom to help with the drainage.

Selection of the seeds and plants should be based on the breed and health, also you should look for seasonal plants and flowers that can provide a rotational and different look to your garden.  Make sure you choose plants that have a good height and a 3-dimensional effect.

Planting in the garden pots

Once you have the garden pot and the needed materials ready, it is time you start planting. If you are using a large pot, make sure you locate it before adding the potting mix. If it is too heavy, you can make use of a pot trolley to place it wherever needed.

Once you have located the pot, add one layer of rocks. You can add about a 2-inch layer if the pot is too large. Next, add a very thin layer of compost.

If you have plans to add larger plants to the pot, remove them from their pot first, and check for the size.  Mark where the root ball is located, take out the plant and add compost till the mark.

You can now place the plant inside. Just wiggle it lightly to make sure it sits well. Start filling the compost around it, but do not pack the plant tightly. Once done, you should see that that compost and the top of the root are at the right level. So, when you water the plant, it does not wash the compost from the corners.

Firm the compost and the plant gently and add water. The water evaporation can be avoided by adding mulch on the top of the soil. You can use slate or fine gravel or even crushed shells.

Now that you have completed planting a plant in one garden pot continue the process for the other plants as well. Planting garden pots with flowers can be a hobby and refreshing, all you need to know is the basics to get started.

You will definitely enjoy having your own garden and growing your own plants. This will also improve your mental health and give you a lot of peace.