4 Different Types of Pizza Cutters for Clean Cuts

When looking for a pizza cutter, there are four main types to consider. We list them here. It boils down to preference. Heck, they aren’t that expensive… if you make a lot of pizza try several types and see what works best for you.

Whether you enjoy your pizza homemade frozen or from delivery, a good pizza cutter is needed in order to keep your pizza toppings in place and to eat your pizza normally by the slice.


1. Pizza Cutter Wheels

Pizza cutter wheels are the most common type of pizza cutter you find in American homes. These cutters consist of a sharp blade wheel that is attached to a long handle. The wheels are usually three to five inches in diameter. Direct grip pizza wheels are also becoming more popular. These don’t have a handle but instead a cover that you grip the wheel by. This can give you more leverage than a long handle wheel but it’s also harder to see where you are cutting since your hand can get in the way of your vision.

The pros of a pizza cutter wheel are that it’s easy to use and it’s much easier to store. However, depending on how the wheel is constructed, it can be harder to clean than other options. Some will allow you to take apart the cutter for proper cleaning. These pizza wheels can also be used for crafts and art projects.

2. Pizza Cutter Rockers

Pizza cutter rockers are also called mezzaluna. This is Italian for “half-moon.” These are the cutters that you typically find in a commercial kitchen. There is a long, curved blade that is rocked across the pizza to cut it in half. These cutters are efficient and easy to clean. The toppings are less likely to stick to the blade. The blades are generally 14 inches or longer so they can take up a lot of drawer space.

Some of these pizza cutters can be double-bladed and can also be used in other applications, such as chopping vegetables or mincing herbs. There are many different sizes but the larger ones will be harder to store.

3. Scissor Style Cutters

Scissor style cutters and pie serve shaped cutters aren’t as common as the other types of pizza cutters. These require that you make a series of shorter cuts in order to slice the pizza. These look just like a pair of scissors but one of the blades has a flat button that allows you to slice any pizza on any surface. These cutters can make for incredibly even and straight slices and can be easy and fun to use. However, these are usually inefficient when compared to rockers and wheels. The pros of these types of the cutter are that you can easily serve the pizza and you don’t need to use a separate tool.

4. Specialty Designs

While there are really two basic designs of pizza cutters, there have been a number of specialty designs that have popped up over the years and are available for purchase. One is a double-bladed unit that claims to save you multiple passes with the slicer by having a second wheel behind the first. There was also the invention of pizza scissors for those who wanted to combine a cutting device along with a spatula. There is the Pizza Boss, which resembles a circular saw. There are also many different shark-shaped slicers that have become available on the market. The U.S.S. Enterprise pizza cutter is designed to look just like the starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek television series. Specialty pizza cutters do have their place in the market. The U.S.S. Enterprise is actually a decent pizza cutter made from sturdy stainless steel and features a chromium-plated zinc alloy body.