4 Types of Outdoor Patio, Deck and Garden Furniture (Photos)

Here’s your ultimate outdoor patio, deck and garden furniture where we classify all your backyard furniture options by material and type (i.e. chairs, tables, seating, etc.). This is the starting point when buying furniture for your yard – whether patio, deck, gazebo or garden.

Your backyard, whether patio, deck or garden is a place where you can sit and relax. It is a place where you can enjoy some leisure time with Mother Nature.

Are you planning to furnish your garden, patio, deck, gazebo or some other location in your yard? You should look at the types of garden furniture below to help you decide what type of furniture you should get and what things you should be mindful of when buying. Furniture for a garden is a major investment and it shouldn’t be made without putting in any thought. Sit back, relax, and read along.

There are many types of outdoor furniture options, depending upon the material and type. You can choose what you like and what you think would look best in your garden.

Types of Garden Furniture Based On Material

You wouldn’t want to spend the time you could spend enjoying in cleaning or painting your garden furniture. The best material for garden furniture is the one that can withstand outdoor weather conditions and requires less maintenance. Garden furniture is available in many types of materials, which have been listed below:

Aluminum Garden Furniture

Aluminum furniture is lightweight, rustproof, easy to clean, and requires no painting or treatment. Since it is lightweight, it can be easily moved. When the weather is too cold to sit outside, you can easily move your aluminum furniture to indoor storage. This would increase the life of your furniture. One thing to keep in mind before buying aluminum furniture is that it cannot be folded for easy storage. If you are short on storage space, you should be mindful of the fact that aluminum furniture may wear off too soon if not moved indoors during the winter season. You would also need cushions to make them comfortable to sit on.

Steel or Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

Steel or wrought iron garden furniture is strong and durable. It is heavy and does not need to be stored inside. However, you will need to paint in every now and then. Their weight is not a concern, as there is no need to move them indoors when the season is unfavorable for outdoor seating. One thing that you should keep in mind when installing steel or wrought iron furniture in your garden is that it shouldn’t be placed directly on your lawn as you won’t be able to mow under it easily. Like aluminum furniture, this type of garden furniture needs cushions for comfort.

Garden Chairs

Since a garden is supposed to be a place where you can relax, a seating one or other sort is essential. Garden chairs are a great option if you have a small garden. Garden chairs are available in wood, plastic, wicker, and aluminum. You can choose the material as per your budget and requirements. You can place two chairs if your garden is small while you can place a set of four or six chairs if you have a relatively spacious garden.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden furniture is by far the most complimenting type of garden furniture. It blends perfectly with the garden setting. However, the thing with wooden garden furniture is that it requires treatment with preservative on a regular basis. The best wood types of garden furniture include teak, cedar, cypress, or redwood.