Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Trends to Follow in 2020

Is this the year you’ve committed to update your kitchen or update your bathroom? Maybe you want even a more soothing environment for your morning ablutions or a functional space for meal prep. Whatever the purpose, the new year is usually a time for fresh beginnings and the better place to begin than in these two rooms?

Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t only two of the remodeled rooms at home – they indeed are also two of the renovation projects. The kitchen update cost of $66,196 in 2019, according to Remodeling magazine (, while the typical bathroom remodels cost $20,420. Plus, they can be what makes or breaks the selling of one’s residence.

Homeowners need a look that lasts after spending thousands of dollars in renovations. Nobody wants their kitchen or bathroom to eventually become obsolete within some months. Being aware of the most recent trends can help you avoid expensive mistakes.

You do need to follow these trends; however, knowing what they’re can ensure that you don’t regret your choices later.

Therefore, in case you believe you are maybe not a fashion man, belief in me once I state if you are preparing to create a house or redesign, make sure to have a look at this informative article and add those things that are high to your list!

Kitchen Trends:

The “Semi-Open” Concept

Yes, you listen to it right. For a long time, any such thing you read watched or observed about renovation discussed the notion of knocking walls down to create the area airy and open. However, we’re currently discovering that homeowners are picking the tiny division that may be a fantastic thing.

Rather than ripping down complete walls, then they have been choosing to install archways or installing sliding doors that provide a great deal of separation, a small sign of two rooms.

Kitchen-Adjacent Cabinets

“By stringing the wall next to some kitchen with pedestal cabinets in addition to upper cabinets, individuals pick up additional storage units” is a hint out of Suzanne Cook, owner of NYC-based Atmosphere Toilet & Kitchen. Cook specializes in high-end, nonetheless usable spaces in a city where apartments are less than 900 square feet.

Low-VOC Materials

Lots of cleaning and home advancement substances contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are carbon-based and can be damaging to the respiratory system or central nervous system.

Whether you are deep cleaning, repainting the walls, or refinishing cabinets, insist on services and products. Many businesses are manufacturing cleaning items, finishes, sealants, and paints, which has low-VOC.

Natural/Green Materials

If you’re going green on plastic usage or the food-waste practices, look at a kitchen remodel for a means to introduce elements inside that space. Further to this directive, experts suggest it’s possible to, in fact, secure low-VOC floors and press on wood products.

Start looking into natural stone countertops instead of vinyl, glass, and laminate storage containers.

Natural Light

Natural light, and quality of Lighting, is essential to improving mood and energy. If you can’t replace walls and doors with glass and windows because of either the expense or the home’s construction – add lights and install mirrors and metallics. If you presently have windows, make sure that the window sheets are not heavy or too dark.

Textured Tiles

Desire even more detail for your design? Think textured tiles that we view to get a lasting “trend.” Used sparingly, they put in a dimension, or you can go out and pay the whole length of the backsplash. Tiles may be dramatic or subtle, depending on the material used, color, shape, or finish, so they really suit virtually any aesthetic.

But remember, unusual shapes or irregular sizes (for example, mosaics) that regularly come alongside using textured tile can increase labor expenses.

Kitchen Drawers Open Up

Cabinet drawers make the organization useful and comfortable. The average lower cabinet is two feet deep, which means it’s easy for things to get lost from the dark nether areas. Together with drawers, there isn’t to be worried about it; you may readily make sure things stay by the addition of dividers neat.

It’s essential to remember that drawers can’t be too broad, or else they will sag in the middle. In our opinion, they have been worthwhile, although cost-wise, they will soon be pricier than cabinets.

Bathroom Trends:

Open-Concept Bathroom Designs

A Luxury wall or a door whenever you’re preparing for that hot date, or work in the afternoon. The trend is an open idea. Becoming ready in the wide-open will provide a free and liberating feeling to you, although glass might be utilized as an obstacle. This is a trend throughout the interior design industry.

Natural Elements

Bathrooms may be dull spaces unless livened up. One trend in bathroom remodeling in 2020 may be the incorporation of natural elements. Using plants can be an excellent way to add a bit of liveliness and color into your bathroom.

Extension of Bathroom Floors

The floor features a vital role within the design of a bathroom as it can visually extend the space. When we reach the floor of the bathroom, the bathroom will probably look far bigger, which previously were not without it.

Windows and Vanities

We see an increasing number of vanities put before a window with a view that is gorgeous. It’s a beautiful way to begin every day because you stand by your sink first thing every morning. Placing a mirror onto the sidewall of the sink or suspending a mirror will probably finish the design with function. Still, another benefit is excellent Lighting.

Standalone Sinks and Tubs

Can we all accept that nothing speaks luxury in your bathroom more compared to a standalone bathtub? With the availability of varied fashions and designs of tubs, the tub trend is undoubtedly taking off. As the tendency is most suited for a huge bathroom remodel, sure structural changes can make it work at a relatively smaller bathroom too.

Bathrooms with SPA

Since we’ve got a great deal of space from the bathroom, I am confident you are interested in being able to unwind and disconnect from day to day. We suggest that you set a spa, it’ll become your corner of paradise, it is going to eventually become your favorite place in your home.

Guest Author: 

Kylo Walter, With a passion for commercial buildings that stems over eight years, Kylo has become an author of choice in the industry. His goal is to explore fresh by sharing knowledge to assist people in getting comfortable buildings like garages and metal carports.