8 Different Types of Bar Carts

Whoa! Here is a list of over 8 styles and types of bar carts in various colors, materials and styles. Learn more about your bar cart options before you choose one for your home.

If there is anything that’s annoying, it’s having friends or colleagues over to your home or apartment and having nowhere to put your wine, glasses, and snacks. Bar carts are a helpful addition to the home because they can be rolled wherever they’re needed. Bar carts got their start as far back as 1837, during the Victorian Era, and they gained traction when becoming synonymous with cocktails following the repeat of prohibition. Since the 1950s, they’ve been a mainstay in many homes and restaurants.

Today, you may want to purchase a bar cart for many reasons, from wanting to serve drinks when friends come over to needing more space for cooking and holding drinks. Most homes no longer have built-in wet bars, so this small addition can be beneficial in providing a place for you to keep your cocktail mixes, bar towels, and other accessories between dates when you’re planning to entertain.

Many businesses sell bar carts of various styles. It’s likely you’ve seen them in local stores, online and even at garage sales (buyer beware). Here’s a selection of 22 different carts found on Amazon.com from a number of different sellers. Each one has its own style, size, and shape, so take a look to see which one might fit in your home; you may be surprised to see just how many different carts there are to choose from.

1. Pipe Cart

This Dofunilim Pipe Cart has two tiers and an interesting industrial appearance that suits a modern home. It is made with 1.10” thick solid wood and is wear-resistant and waterproof. It’s functional but firm with locking rolling wheels, which are personally a preference of mine. Having two tiers is also nice since you can separate items that are being used from those being saved for later.

2. Metal Shelf Cart

For a modern take on a classic bar cart, try the Zephs rolling bar cart. It has a slick gunmetal finish and black tempered glass that gives it a more sleek and contemporary appearance. It is only 40-inches wide, so there’s room to mix or pour your drinks without taking up too much space. There are spaces to hold wine glasses and bottles, so everything rolls in or out of the room easily, which is a big bonus when it’s weighed down with heavy objects.

3. Helpful Handle

In a small, push-cart style, the Nathan James Carter rolling bar and serving cart has a miniature appearance good for smaller apartments and homes. It has tempered glass, which prevents cuts if it does happen to shatter, and it has a small 24-inch width. The wheels lock, and there are bars to prevent items from falling off the glass tops on both levels. With easy assembly, this is a good purchase for those who don’t like to spend time on set-up.

4. Wood and Metal

For a more rustic addition to your home, try this Haotian bar serving cart. It has three levels and lockable wheels, so you can bring your drinks and snacks out with you into the room easily. The top shelf is removable, so it can be used as a food tray; that’s perfect if you want to bring someone breakfast in bed. It’s sturdy, holding up to 50 kg.

5. Gold Cart

Bring a little razzle-dazzle into your den with the Signature Design by Ashley Furniture. This bar cart is made in Mid-Century Gold, a classic touch for a modern cart. The two glass shelves have mirrored surfaces for an added touch of luxury. It’s 27.5-inches wide and 14.25-inches deep, which is small enough to tuck away when not in use. If you have an affinity for Gatsby, this is one piece to take a look at.

6. Industrial Bar Cart

Industrial homes require an extra bold look, which is what you get with this Christopher Knight Home bar cart. It has a faux wood overlay and ash veneer, and it’s accented with iron. There aren’t as many bars across this unit, so there’s a potential for spillage or falls from the shelves, but locking wheels and two barred sections for wine bottles make it a little safer.

7. Cage Cart

Maybe you have kids that you don’t want getting into your alcohol, or perhaps you just want a better sense of security; whatever the issue, this WE Furniture bar cabinet can help. It is 33-inches long and 17-inches wide. It features fixed shelving and a classic metal mesh that contains items inside the cabinet. You can see in, but you also have the ability to add a lock to the two rounded handles on the doors, which sit side-by-side. The top shelf is left open, so it’s easy to access.

8. Wine Cart (Stylish)

For a stylish wine cart, try the O&K Furniture industrial bar cart. It has an amazing rounded design with two shelves and 16, yes, 16, spaces for your favorite wines. The mobile cart has four casters with locks, so it won’t roll away unexpectedly. At 29.3-inches wide and 16.1-inches deep, this unit fits almost anywhere. It has a rustic design with an MDF wood veneer and metal frame.