8 Different Types of Splashbacks For Modern Kitchen Interiors

Splashbacks are created for protecting a wall behind a hob from spills and splashes while cooking. They offer a major aesthetic element to your kitchen with a variety of designs, patterns or materials.

Installing new stainless steel or white glass splashbacks are a fantastic way of upgrading your kitchen without doing a full kitchen renovation. Likewise, there are other interesting options to choose for a distinguishing visual appeal.

Different Types of Splashbacks for Modern Kitchens

Tile Splashback

It is a conventional type of splashback. Many modern kitchens are also utilizing tile upstands behind worktops to add aesthetic yet practical appeal to the kitchen. The tiles are available to match different budgets. It gives a consistent look to a cooking space, as it can match any kitchen interior.

It is also flexible in terms of various sizes. However, you have to decide how high or wide splashback you want to stretch behind your cooking stove. It’s a great way to add a focal point to your kitchen.

Glass Splashback

Kitchen glass splashbacks are made from a single glass sheet. These glass splashbacks come in transparent, as well as coloured variations. For avoiding cracking from the hot cooking stovetop, it is vital to choose a tempered or toughened design. The top-class glass designs come in a thicker profile for additional strength. These splashbacks also reflect light while making your kitchen appear brighter and spacious at the same

The glass splashbacks are hygienic, stain-resistant and easy to clean. The toughened versions of glass splashbacks are highly heat resistant and also protect the walls against temperatures as high as 300°C.

Glass splashbacks are becoming highly popular as focal points in many modern homes, offices, and restaurants. They not only give you a contemporary look but also are practical, as they never need re-grouting.

Some fabricators also used specialised paint for a particularly designed glass splashback for an additional stunning finish, as well as long-lasting aesthetic appeal, so you may virtually throw anything at it.

The glass splashbacks come in over 800 colours to choose from. Even if you don’t find a particular colour from a given colour palette, fabricators also offer you custom colour options for matching it with any interior style.

Stainless Steel Splashback

With various stainless steel appliances getting popular among homeowners, it is no surprise that people are being drawn to stylish stainless steel splashbacks to match the entire interior.

The stainless steel interior gives a professional and modern kitchen effect. It also helps in giving a bold style statement to your kitchen with matching hob or range hood. These are also easy to clean and perfect to buff afterward, using a microfibre cloth. The simple cleaning and buffing process ensures that the steel splashback is free of any prints or smudges.

Stainless steel splashbacks can only be used underneath a range hood or behind a cooking hob if you don’t want your room to appear too clinical or matching.

Acrylic Splashbacks

These are frequently cut to size and most homeowners select them for continuing the splashback across a wider or larger area. It may also be used as an upstand. Choose a fire-rated acrylic splashback, as normal plastic must not be used close to a stovetop.

Alternatively, you may cover your acrylic splashback with a glass unit for polished appeal. Acrylic is a cheap substitute to glass but gives a similar visual appeal to the given space.

It is also a good dust repellent compared to stainless steel and glass surfaces. Besides, it is lightweight and easy to install. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and not prone to marks and smudges.

Other Splashback Ideas

  • Chalkboard Splashbacks: These are great solutions if you want to add creative design to your cooking space daily. These are also great for making to-do lists and daily notes.
  • Painted Splashback: These are best for adding a pop of color to your kitchen while making a bold and striking statement. You can add clear acrylic over it to keep the wall clean.
  • Marble Splashback: These splashbacks work well when paired with engineered quartz worktops. Remember that marble can stain easily, so you need to consider how often you utilize cooking units around it.
  • Scalloped Splashback: The scalloped splashback provides an intriguing alternative to conventional styles. You can use tonal shades of curved tiles for making mermaid tail effect with this material.

So, these were some amazing splashback designs to spruce up your modern kitchen space. Pick the one that matches your home interior and style for a creative touch.

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